What is the taxonomy of plants relevant to botanical dermatology?

Updated: Jun 10, 2021
  • Author: Glen H Crawford, MD; Chief Editor: Dirk M Elston, MD  more...
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Taxonomy refers to the scientific description and organization of plants. Subsequent codification is outlined by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) and maintained by a body called the International Association of Plant Taxonomy (IAPT).

The botanical binomial classification system provides every entity with 2 names: a generic designation and a specific epithet. The binomial name is traditionally followed by a reference to the person or authority who first reported that specific epithet. For example, the full binomial name of common poison ivy is Toxicodendron radicans (L.) O. Ktze. In this case, (L.) refers to Carl Linnaeus who issued the epithet radicans. O. Ktze is used in recognition of Otto Kuntze, who transferred the epithet radicans from the genus Rhus to the genus Toxicodendron.

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