What is the role of acne in folliculitis?

Updated: Oct 08, 2020
  • Author: Elizabeth K Satter, MD, MPH; Chief Editor: Dirk M Elston, MD  more...
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Acne represents a noninfectious form of folliculitis. Recently there has been a paradigm shift, and the pathogenesis of acne is now thought to be a primary inflammatory disorder since histology findings have indicated the presence of perifollicular inflammatory cells even in early stages of acne, preceding the development of the microcomedone. Hyperkeratinization then results in follicular obstruction, which allows for sebum accumulation resulting in further distension of the follicle. The normally commensal bacteria (Cutibacterium acnes formerly Propionibacterium acnes) forms a biofilm and its lipases break down sebum triglycerides into proinflammatory fatty acids and activate the innate immune response through toll-like receptor-2. [3]

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