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  • Thyroid Nodule Location Linked to Malignancy RiskThyroid nodules located in the upper pole of the gland were nearly five-times more likely to be malignant, suggesting possible anatomical or environmental influences.
  • Fitness to Prevent Cancer Worked Out at ACSMThe effect of physical activity on cancer survivors, and its role in cancer prevention, will be in the spotlight at the upcoming American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting (ACSM).
  • New Enzyme Inhibitor May Stop Common ColdRhinoviruses and other picornaviruses need a human enzyme to manufacture their protein coat; a new small-molecule inhibitor blocks the enzyme and could be used one day to treat the common cold.

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  • The Diplomatic Way to End the Patient Visit There is no shortage of time pressure in today's visit, How can you end each visit in a clear and effective, but appropriate, manner?
  • Does Tort Reform Affect Patient Care?; More The role of tort reform in patient care; grieving parents reach settlement with VA; medical malpractice boundary set in case involving deaf student; quadruple amputee argues to exceed state damages cap.

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