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  • Over 75 People in Connecticut Park Overdosed on K2 in a DaySamples sent to the DEA contained potent synthetic marijuana. A local man was arrested and is considered a person of interest regarding at least some of the overdoses, most of which happened in a park near Yale.
  • Men, Women, on Very Low-Calorie Diet Lose Weight Differently'This method of [rapid] weight loss...should be given serious consideration for people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes,' says an author of the PREVIEW study. More research is needed to unravel gender differences.
  • Childhood Secondhand Smoke Exposure Ups Risk for Lung DeathEven if adults never smoke, they may have an increased risk for death from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease if they were exposed to secondhand smoke throughout their childhood, warn US scientists.

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  • Insurers May Cut Out More Physicians: What Are Your Options? More insurers are developing narrow networks of physicians who are lower cost in their overall treatment. Does this threaten your practice, or should you try to participate?
  • 99% of Doctors Need Diagnostic Help Most people rely on GPS to find their destination when driving. Maybe clinicians could benefit from similar diagnostic guidance.

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