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  • Moderation Is Key for Carbs in Long-term HealthOptimal carbohydrate consumption has a U-shaped curve, with both high- and low-carb diets associated with increased risk for all-cause mortality, new data suggest.
  • Music Therapy Improves Mood, Quality of Life in DementiaMusic therapy has a variety of benefits for patients with dementia, but which are evidence-based? This study suggests benefits in mood and quality of life but not cognition, agitation, or aggression.
  • Psychiatric Hospitals Top 'Best Of' List Once AgainMcLean Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital once again grabbed the no. 1 and no. 2 spots, respectively, on the 2018-2019 US News and World Report annual rankings of adult psychiatric hospitals.
  • Blue Light Damages Retinal Cells in Lab StudyA cell-based experiment shows how blue light can damage retinal cells, but it's unclear whether the results translate to humans or if blue light exposure from computers and cell phones harms vision.

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