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  • Raw Fruits and Veggies Best for Mental HealthEating raw fruits and vegetables is more strongly associated with better mental health than eating cooked, canned, or otherwise processed foods, new research shows.
  • Many MIPS Measures Not Valid, ACP FindsMore than half of MIPS measurements analyzed were deemed either not valid or of uncertain validity in an analysis published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Serial Mini-Concussions: Does the Brain Compensate?Researchers make a call on cumulative subconcussive impacts by comparing college football players to cross-country runners and nonathletes in a functional MRI and oculomotor performance study.
  • NCCN: Screen for Liver Cancer in Patients at RiskHepatocellular carcinoma is a 'bad actor' with a growing death toll in the United States and Europe; when possible, patients with risk factors should be screened.

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  • Doctors: Is Retirement Overrated? Many physicians who retire from medicine find that it's not what they expected; some feel that there is an emotional void when they leave clinical practice. How can physicians adapt to retirement?
  • Would You Report an Impaired Physician? Many Doctors Won't Research shows that although most doctors say they'd report an impaired colleague, many fail to do so when confronted with the situation. What is their reasoning?

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