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  • Trump's Pick for Drug Czar Pulls Out After InvestigationThe decision follows a report by the Washington Post and 60 Minutes that showed Rep. Tom Marino spearheaded legislation that made it harder for the government to police the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Opioids for C diff Pain Connected to Worse OutcomesResearchers have already linked opioid use to longer hospital stays and higher white blood cell counts, and now the same investigators take a deeper dive, looking at C diff severity and mortality.
  • Cardiac Motion: The Next Log-In Biometric?An innovative system uses remote, Doppler radar assessment of cardiac dimensions and motion as a means of user authentication; but could "access denied" be a warning sign of CVD?
  • Transfusions From Ever-Pregnant Women May Up Mortality RiskIn a large retrospective study, transfusions from ever-pregnant women raised mortality risk among male recipients but not female, and not from never-pregnant women, suggesting an immune response.

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  • Healthcare policy is the number one topic -- not just in Washington, DC but in hospitals, medical practices, and homes. With so much happening on so many fronts, it's hard to keep up. Let us do it for you.

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  • How Much Is Your Practice Worth? Many doctors who have a financial stake in a practice don't know what the practice is worth. That's a mistake, say experts in practice valuation. Here's why, and what a practice valuation involves.
  • What Makes a Medical Practice Profitable? MGMA released key research at its annual conference on what creates a leading and profitable medical practice.

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