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  • Simple Lab Score Beats Troponin for MI Diagnosis in the EDA clinical chemistry score incorporating glucose level, eGFR, and hs-cTn was better at predicting risk for MI and death in patients with MI symptoms in the ED than hs-cTn level alone, a study found.
  • Measles Cases Hit Record High in Parts of EuropeThe World Health Organization calls on countries to immediately implement broad, context-appropriate measures to stop the further spread of measles following a dramatic increase in infections.
  • Moderation Is Key for Carbs in Long-term HealthOptimal carbohydrate consumption has a U-shaped curve, with both high- and low-carb diets associated with increased risk for all-cause mortality, new data suggest.
  • Music Therapy Improves Mood, Quality of Life in DementiaMusic therapy has a variety of benefits for patients with dementia, but which are evidence-based? This study suggests benefits in mood and quality of life but not cognition, agitation, or aggression.

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