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  • In Breast Cancer, a Victory for Common Sense An ambitious randomized clinical trial neither accrued its planned number of patients nor met its expected events but has changed cancer care anyway.
  • Alert FDA Clears First Generic Tamiflu for Oral Suspension Oseltamivir phosphate (Tamiflu) for oral suspension 6 mg(base)/mL, made by Nesher Pharmaceuticals LLC, is particularly important for patients who can't swallow pills, the FDA notes.

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  • Do Tattoos Raise the Risk for Cancer?Components of the ink in tattoos migrate from the skin to the lymph nodes, leading to chronic enlargement, but the health risk has yet to be determined.
  • New Rules Required to Curb Childhood ObesityResults from the Childhood Obesity Intervention Cost-Effectiveness Study have a message for law makers setting regulations to help children make healthy choices.


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  • Should Physicians Educate Patients via Social Media?   More patients are going online to get health information and some of the information on the Internet is not scientific. What can physicians do to educate patients via social media?
  • How Residents Cope: Binging, Drinking, Sports, and Friends Overeating. Drinking. Antidepressants. These are a few of the coping mechanisms residents rely on to get through their stressful residencies. Are there any positive coping strategies?


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