The journal of physical chemistry. B, Materials, surfaces, interfaces & biophysical

(ISSN: 1089-5647)

Table of Contents

2016 - 120 (6)

  • Cathodoluminescence and Electron-Induced Fluorescence Enhancement of Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein. 
  • General Applicable Frequency Map for the Amide-I Mode in ��-Peptides. 
  • Forces and Kinetics of the Bacillus subtilis Spore Coat Proteins CotY and CotX Binding to CotE Inspected by Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy. 
  • Electric-Assisted Capillary Rise Adsorption of Polar and Nonpolar Solvents by Cellulose and Chitosan. 
  • Constant-pH MD Simulations Portray the Protonation and Structural Behavior of Four Decapeptides Designed to Coordinate Cu(2+). 
  • Identification of Ion-Pair Structures in Solution by Vibrational Stark Effects. 
  • Ionic Liquid Character of Zinc Chloride Hydrates Define Solvent Characteristics that Afford the Solubility of Cellulose. 
  • Micellization Behavior of Surface Active Ionic Liquids Having Aromatic Counterions in Aqueous Media. 
  • Some New Observations on Activation Energy of Crystal Growth for Thermally Activated Crystallization. 
  • Molecular Packing in Langmuir Monolayers Composed of a Phosphatidylcholine and a Pyrene Lipid. 
  • Onset of Cooperative Dynamics in an Equilibrium Glass-Forming Metallic Liquid. 
  • Stereocomplex Crystallization and Homocrystallization of Star-Shaped Four-Armed Stereo Diblock Poly(lactide)s with Different L-Lactyl Unit Contents: Isothermal Crystallization from the Melt. 
  • Characterization of the Free State Ensemble of the CoRNR Box Motif by Molecular Dynamics Simulations. 
  • Effect of TFE on the Helical Content of AK17 and HAL-1 Peptides: Theoretical Insights into the Mechanism of Helix Stabilization. 
  • Observing Solvation Dynamics with Simultaneous Femtosecond X-ray Emission Spectroscopy and X-ray Scattering. 
  • Unveiling the Mode of Interaction of Berberine Alkaloid in Different Supramolecular Confined Environments: Interplay of Surface Charge between Nano-Confined Charged Layer and DNA. 
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