Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

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2016 - 64 (11)

  • Home-Based Exercise Supported by General Practitioner Practices: Ineffective in a Sample of Chronically Ill, Mobility-Limited Older Adults (the HOMEfit Randomized Controlled Trial). 
  • A Novel Approach to Proactive Primary Care-Based Case Finding and Multidisciplinary Management of Falls, Syncope, and Dizziness in a One-Stop Service: Preliminary Results. 
  • High Prevalence of Medication Discrepancies Between Home Health Referrals and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Home Health Certification and Plan of Care and Their Potential to Affect Safety of Vulnerable Elderly Adults. 
  • Factors Associated with Transition from Community Settings to Hospital as Place of Death for Adults Aged 75 and Older: A Population-Based Mortality Follow-Back Survey. 
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