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  • Sen McCain's 'No' Vote Threatens Graham-Cassidy BillLike many medical societies and other healthcare groups, the senator said he couldn't vote yes for the bill without seeing a CBO report on how it would affect healthcare coverage and insurance premiums.
  • Multilevel Approach Improves Pediatric Asthma CareA hospital-driven multidisciplinary, quality-improvement approach that includes community-based care substantially improved asthma outcomes in pediatric patients, a study has found.
  • Parents Question Safe Sleep Recommendations for BabiesMany parents do not trust the science supporting long-established guidelines to put babies to sleep on their backs in cribs without soft bedding, new focus group findings reveal.


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  • Should Physicians Educate Patients via Social Media?   More patients are going online to get health information and some of the information on the Internet is not scientific. What can physicians do to educate patients via social media?
  • How Residents Cope: Binging, Drinking, Sports, and Friends Overeating. Drinking. Antidepressants. These are a few of the coping mechanisms residents rely on to get through their stressful residencies. Are there any positive coping strategies?


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