Substance Abuse and Addiction

Substance Abuse and Addiction News

  • Childhood Emotional Abuse Tied to Adult Opioid Addiction Why do some people who are abused as children develop substance abuse problems in adulthood whereas others do not? A study suggests that emotional abuse, impulsivity, and PTSD may be missing links.
  • Psychiatric Inpatients at High Risk of Death After Discharge Individuals discharged from inpatient psychiatric care are 16 times more likely to die prematurely within a year compared with people in the community who were never admitted to a psychiatric facility, researchers say.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Perspective

  • Should Physicians Be Subject to Random Drug Testing?   Will random drug testing protect patients, or is an intrusion on physicians with no drug problems? Art Caplan discusses the pros and cons with a bioethicist and a physician in recovery.
  • BP Targets in Older Patients: Many Guidelines, Much Confusion What's an appropriate systolic blood pressure goal in older patients? There are multiple recommendations, ranging from <150 to <120 mm Hg. We asked hypertension expert Dr Messerli to weigh in.