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  • ISC Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Strategy Improves BP Control The Kaiser Permanente intervention asks participants to 'shake' the salt habit; 'rattle' the intensity of blood pressure management, and use interventions easily "rolled" out in the community.
  • ACC Higher Leaflet Thrombosis Risk With TAVR, DAPT Not Protective Data from two studies help clarify its true rate in transcatheter vs surgical valves, but leave open who should be screened and, if dual antiplatelets aren't protective, the type and timing of anticoagulation.
  • ACC Rivaroxaban Doesn't Increase Post-ACS Bleeding vs Aspirin: Study In GEMINI-ACS-1, bleeding risk did not differ significantly between patients on a P2Y12 inhibitor plus rivaroxaban vs aspirin. But is it really time to throw out aspirin as "the cornerstone" of ACS treatment?
  • ACC Fewer Re-PCIs After Primary PCI Plus FFR-Guided Intervention "In my own practice, I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon wholesale until we get hard end points," said one. Two ongoing trials exploring FFR-guided multivessel PCI in acute MI may help with that.