Nutrition News

  • EPI-Lifestyle Healthy Foods in Schools Might Avert Deaths From Diabetes, CVD Restricting sugary drinks and providing fresh fruits and vegetables to students beginning in elementary school could lower their odds of dying from cardiometabolic disease later on.
  • Support Programs Help Moms Extend Breastfeeding Time Support programs for new mothers help them to breastfeed for longer periods and to keep breast milk as the baby's only source of nutrition, according to a new review of existing evidence.

Nutrition Perspective

  • Is Loneliness a Public Health Issue?; Shop With Your Doc How loneliness is its own risk factor, and how doctors can help; When docs go grocery shopping with patients; The impact of retail clinics on emergency rooms.
  • The Olive Oil Diet: A Book Review No, you can't douse your hot-fudge sundae with olive oil and expect great results, warns Dr Walton-Shirley, but she finds useful tips on healthy eating in this book by British GP Dr Simon Poole.