Integrative Medicine


  • Prolotherapy May Help Ease Knee Joint Pain Prolotherapy, an alternative medicine approach to joint pain that typically uses injections of sugar or sodium, may be worth trying for knee osteoarthritis after traditional approaches fail, a recent review suggests.
  • Probiotic in Yogurt May Improve Depressive Symptoms Lactobacillus, a probiotic bacteria found in live-culture yogurt, appears to reverse symptoms of depression in mice, and investigators believe these findings should hold true in people.


  • Poppy Seed Tea: Beware This Beverage For centuries, poppy seed tea has been used for its narcotic, analgesic, antidiarrheal, or euphoric effects, or as a substitute for opiates. What are the risks associated with this herbal beverage?
  • Meaningful Ways to Cope With Patient Death Medscape's nurse readers share their thoughts about what rituals they find meaningful after a patient dies.