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  • HFSA Avoid Dopamine, Prefer Bolus Diuretic in Preserved-EF Acute HF That's the message from a small trial that hones the scant evidence base on managing acute preserved-EF heart failure. Dopamine had little effect; continuous-IV furosemide may have hurt the kidneys.
  • EASD J-DOIT3: 'Aim for Near-Normal Metabolic Parameters' in Diabetes UPDATED // The large Japanese DOIT3 trial tells clinicians that optimal lipid, blood pressure, and, glycemic control are important to reduce microvascular and macrovascular complications in type 2 diabetes.
  • HFSA 'Food as Medicine' Feasible in Pilot Heart-Failure Trial Pilot results of the GOURMET-HF trial show patients discharged after HF hospitalization receiving prepared, DASH-compatible meals had no improvement in quality of life, the primary end point, but there was a trend to reduced rehospitalization.
  • EASD Aortic Aneurysm Risk Is Smaller in Type 2 Diabetes Patients "While it's good that people with diabetes may get less" aortic aneurysm, they still need to lower blood pressure, control lipids, and stop smoking to prevent overall cardiovascular risk, an expert noted.