Dialysis News

  • Low-dose Apixaban May Be Safe Anti-stroke Option for Dialysis Patients Low-dose apixaban achieves blood levels that appear to be safe and might be a “reasonable alternative” to warfarin for preventing stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation who are on hemodialysis, new research suggests.
  • Cost of Kidney Dialysis in Sub-Saharan Africa Up to one-fourth of adults in sub-Saharan Africa suffer from chronic kidney disease and only a small fraction ever reach a dialysis treatment center, a new study finds.

Dialysis Perspective

  • Kidney Patients Left in the Wind: A Heartfelt Story   Dr Szczech provides a sobering view on what extreme actions uninsured immigrants are taking to push their symptom boundaries to near death every week in order to get emergent hemodialysis.
  • Patients With CKD Incur the Highest Out-of-Pocket Expenses Dr Desai discusses a study on the total and out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures incurred by patients with nondialysis CKD in the US vs patients with cancer or stroke, published in BMC Nephrology.