CV Imaging

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  • Regular Evaluation Improves Survival in Asymptomatic Severe AS Patients with asymptomatic severe aortic stenosis followed according to guideline recommendations were more likely to undergo early valve replacement and had improved survival and reduced hospitalization.
  • New European Guidelines for Cerebral Venous Thrombosis The guidelines, which cover both the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral venous thrombosis, are based purely on scientific evidence and make several new recommendations, rated as 'clear' or 'weak.'
  • ESC Apixaban Advantage Before AF Cardioversion Hinted: EMANATE Bolus dosing of apixaban allowed cardioversion in 2 or more hours in patients with mostly recent-onset atrial fibrillation; TEE or other atrial imaging was not always performed.
  • ESC New ESC Guideline on Acute ST-Segment Elevation MI The new guidelines update the 2012 version and contain multiple summary tables for each section, as well as clear definitions of terms: "door-to-balloon" is out, "FMC" and "MINOCA" are in.