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Healthcare Reform & Health Policy Perspectives

  • Pharma's Influence on Diabetes Prescribing: Good or Bad? A recent study of pharmaceutical marketing in Washington, DC, concluded that this spending was correlated with prescribing of newer agents to treat diabetes. But is that necessarily a bad thing?
  • Is It Time to Modernize Medical Organizations?   Medical organizations have striven to serve physicians' needs for many decades. How can these organizations stay relevant?

Healthcare Reform & Health Policy News

  • Republicans Revise Obamacare Repeal Bill Amid Tepid Support .S. senators made a last-ditch effort on Monday to secure support for the latest Republican attempt to repeal former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, releasing revised legislation to appeal to undecided senators.
  • Alert McCain's 'No' Vote Threatens Graham-Cassidy Bill Like many medical societies and other healthcare groups, the senator said he couldn't support the bill without seeing a CBO report on how it would affect healthcare coverage and insurance premiums.