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  • Senate Rejects GOP Plan to Repeal, Replace ACAThe defeat of the Better Care Reconciliation Act came just hours after Senate Republicans won a dramatic vote to begin debate on legislation to undo the ACA. But the debate's not over.
  • Prevalence of CTE in Football Players 'Astounding'Postmortem evidence shows the prevalence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in football players is extremely high. The findings suggest these athletes may be at increased risk for long-term neurologic sequelae.
  • PPIs Not Linked to Cognitive Decline, Study FindsProton pump inhibitor use was not associated with cognitive decline, a study has found; previous studies showed an association between use of the drugs and dementia, however.
  • Sperm Concentrations Have Fallen 50% in Western WorldTotal sperm count dropped by half in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Finding causes for the drop 'is urgently needed' for reasons beyond fertility, researchers say.
  • Guidelines on Opioid Use in Pregnancy Released by ACOGRevised ACOG guidelines for treatment of opioid use during pregnancy continue to recommend medication-assisted treatment but say medically supervised withdrawal can be considered, with stipulations.

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