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General Questions

How Do I Participate in CME/CE Activities?
  1. Select an online activity available for CME, nursing CE, or pharmacy CE credit.
  2. Read the goal and/or learning objectives.
  3. Read/study the activity.
  4. Click the "Go to Test Questions" hyperlink. Tests are required for CME/CE credit; they include multiple choice questions, answers, and an evaluation after the test has been submitted.
  5. Answer the questions on the test and click "Submit."
  6. After passing the test satisfactorily (70% correct answers, with the opportunity to retake the test until a passing level is attained), complete the course evaluation form.
  7. When finished, click "Submit."
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Where Do I Find CME/CE Activities Related to My Specialty Area?
  1. Go to Medscape's homepage: Do not use a bookmark.
  2. Sign in with your User ID and Password, if you are not automatically logged in.
  3. Once you are signed in, click on the "CME/CE " link located on the top header.
  4. This will take you to a listing of CME/CE activities pertaining to your specialty area. Choose a CME/CE activity and click on its link. (See number 7, below, for instructions on how to view the CME/CE activities in other specialty areas.)
  5. Follow the links through each section of the CME/CE activity. When you have finished reading all of the sections, click on the "Go to Test Questions" link. Some CME/CE activities require completion of several conference summary sections before you can take the posttest. If you do not see a "Go to Test Questions" link at the end of an activity, you must click on the "Return to Table of Contents" link at the top or bottom of the text. This will take you to the additional conference summary sections required for this CME/CE activity. When you have finished each of the required sections, you may take the "Post Test and Evaluation."
  6. Complete your User Profile continuing education section, if prompted, to provide any missing information.
  7. To view the CME/CE activities in other specialty areas, use the "More Specialty Pages" link at the top right-hand corner of the Medscape homepage. This is how you can navigate between specialty pages on Medscape and access other CME/CE activities in other specialty areas.
  8. Once you arrive at another specialty page, follow steps 3 to 6, above.
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What Professional Groups Are Eligible for Continuing Education on Medscape?

Medscape's continuing education activities currently offer various types of credit, including AMA/PRA Category 1 credit for MDs/DOs, ACPE credit for pharmacists, ANCC contact hours for nurses, APA for psychologists, and CMLE for Laboratory Technicians. All other participants will receive a letter of completion for the majority of Medscape's activities. A letter of completion includes the name of the activity, date completed, and the number of credits approved for the activity, and indicates successful completion of that activity. Many agencies and boards, including the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the American Academy of Physician Assistants, accept the letter of completion as proof of completion of a CME activity. However, for all other professions, we urge you to check directly with your licensing and/or certification agency.

Are Cardiovascular Technicians, Respiratory Therapists, Radiology Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians, Case Managers, or Registered Dietitians Eligible for CE Credit?

Currently, cardiovascular technicians, respiratory therapists, radiology technicians, pharmacy technicians, case managers, and registered dietitians are not eligible to receive their specialty's CE or CME credit from Medscape. However, with the majority of Medscape activities, all professionals are eligible to receive a letter of completion, which notes the activity title, date completed, and number of CME or CE credits earned, and indicates that you have successfully completed the activity. Letters of completion may be accepted by your board or agency. You should check with the board or agency directly to be sure.

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What Is the CME/CE Tracker?

Activities that are a part of Medscape's CME/CE program are automatically entered into Medscape's database, which is created for each Medscape reader when he/she completes an initial registration. Earned certificates are stored in this personalized CME/CE Tracker as they are completed for credit. The tracker is available to all professional users. Certificates and Letters of Completion (LOC) are available to be printed as needed from this site.

NOTE: Because CME Certificates are issued in EST, users out west who take CME after midnight EST on 12/31 have certificates that display the next year rather than the current year. Please contact customer support at if you have any issues with this.

  1. To access your Tracker, click the CME or CE tab at the top of any Medscape page.
  2. Click the "CME or CE Tracker" option found on the CME/CE Center page.
  3. Sign in with your User ID and Password. If you have forgotten your Medscape User ID and/or Password, you can request that they be sent to you via email by accessing the Forgot your Password? link located on the homepage.
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Where Can I Find Information on Credit Hours for an Activity?

The number and types of credit hours allocated to an activity can be found in 1 of 2 places, depending on how long an activity has been posted.

  1. Medscape activities published after January 1, 2001, have listed the credit types and hours under the activity title on the index page.
  2. Activities published prior to January 1, 2001, will have the number and types of credit listed under the "Eligibility and Instructions for CME Credit" link, found under the title of the activity.
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Where Is the Post Test?
  1. Make sure you are on the CME/CE activity page. All Medscape activity posttests must be completed online.
  2. Check to see whether the Medscape activity has expired. The expiration date is found under the title of the activity on the index page.
  3. If you have accessed an activity through a Medscape search and are unable to find the posttest, you may have been linked to an individual summary from a conference. In order to take the posttest, you will need to link back to the overall conference. This link can be found at the top of the text. Once you have read all of the summaries for that conference track, which will be labeled CME or CE, you may then proceed to the posttest and evaluation. You complete both the posttest and evaluation online.
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Can I Print the Posttest, Before or After Reading the Article?

To print the post test go to the CME/CE activity you are interested in completing. On the right hand column click on the "Go to Test Questions" link and use the print options from your browser to print the questions.

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Nurse CE Questions

How Do I Transfer My Medscape Credits to the Florida CE Broker?

Medscape is not registered with Florida's CE Broker. You may self-submit the credits earned on Medscape to the Broker. Activities hosted on Medscape that are approved for ANCC credit are accepted by the Florida Board of Nursing for general credit; if you wish to use a Medscape activity to fulfill the requirement for HIV/AIDS and/or domestic violence content, we suggest you check with the Board of Nursing (BON) directly regarding acceptability of a particular Medscape activity.

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Are the Nursing Contact Hours Offered by Medscape Accepted by the State of California?

According to the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) Web site, the BRN will accept continuing education courses "approved by ANCC [American Nurses Credentialing Center] approved regional accrediting bodies when these courses are taken out-of-state." (See

As a company registered in New York, the BRN recognizes Medscape as an out-of-state entity. Additionally, all accredited content on Medscape is provided by entities accepted by ANCC. We do suggest, however, that you check directly with the BRN for information about the acceptability of a particular activity.

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Will Any Medscape Activities Meet the Requirements for Advanced Practice Nurses Who Must Have a Specific Number of Continuing Education Hours With Pharmacology Content Designated?

Recognizing the increasing requirement by state BONs that nurses, particularly advanced practice nurses, earn a portion of their continuing education in the area of pharmacology, Medscape began in December 2005 to note this information in the accreditation statements of activities posted on our site for which Medscape is the continuing education provider. Activities that are provided by other continuing education organizations may not note this information. For information about a particular activity, simply click on the bar labeled "Accreditation Statements" in the right sidebar of the activity's first page. For example, please refer to:

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Will My Board of Nursing Accept Partial Credit Activities – ie, Activities That Offer Less Than 1 Full Contact Hour?

Beginning in the late fall of 2005, ANCC revised the Scope and Standards of Nursing Continuing Education and now allows courses of less than 1 full credit to be approved for CE credit. Although most BONs do accept ANCC credit, we suggest you check directly with your own state's BON to determine whether they will accept these partial credit offerings.

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CME Live Web Conference FAQs

How Do I Attend a Live Web Conference on Medscape?

To attend the conference, you must first make sure that you have Windows Media Player or Real Player installed on your computer.

To download Windows Media Player go to:

To download Real Player, go to Log in (or register at Medscape if you are not already a member) about 10-15 minutes before the event is scheduled. Click on the provided link on the top part of the homepage; you'll be taken to the site that will allow you to view the Web conference.

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How Can I Locate the Web Conference?

You can locate the Web conference from the homepage on the day of the event. Click on the activity title, which will take you to the live event.

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Do I Need to Preregister for Web-Based Conferences? Is There Any Cost? How Does It Work?

The Web conference is available to you at no cost. You do need to register at Medscape if you are not already a member. Once you are logged on to Medscape, go to the designated link at the time of the event, and the program will open up in your Windows Media or Real Player. (There is no special or additional registration required for the Web conference for Medscape members.)

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I Can't Access the Live Conference. I See a Blank Page When I Attempt to Access the Program. What Should I Do?

Please make sure that you have Windows Media Player or Real Player installed and are using Netscape or Internet Explorer 5.x or higher. If the activity is not visible after you have installed one of the players, you should disable your computer's pop-up blocker program or your firewall. Either of these may be blocking the program from playing.

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I'm Logged in at the Correct Site, but the Live Activity Is Not Showing. What Have I Done Wrong?

The activity will start promptly at the scheduled time. You may want to try to log in a few minutes before it begins.

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How Long Will the Live Program Last? I See the Start Time, but I Don't Know How Long the Program Will Run.

All live presentations are about 1 hour long.

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How Many Credits Will Be Offered for a Live Web Conference?

The number of credits available for the activity will be posted on the day of the presentation, before it begins. One-hour programs are usually accredited for 1.0 Category 1 CME, 1.0 ACPE CE, and/or 1.2 Nursing CE. However, a final determination of credits will not be made until all materials are in and have been reviewed by the continuing education department.

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It's Not Clear What Credits Will Be Offered for the Web Conference. It Indicates CME/CE, but Is That Just for Physicians and Nurses? How Do I Know Whether the Web Conference Will Have Nurse (or Pharmacist) Credits?

Unfortunately, the complete accreditation information may not be available until the day of the event, as we are waiting for approval from various agencies. If we know in advance that accreditation is in process for particular specialties, we will publicize the activity on those particular sites and newsletters.

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Can a Group Watch the Program at the Same Time (on the Same Computer)? Can Each Viewer Then Take the Test and Get Credits? How Should We Do That?

A group can view the presentation at the same time; however, after the presentation, each individual will need to log on to the archived version of the program with his or her own user name and password. Additional participants will not need to view the program again. After the program, when additional viewers log on, they may simply click on the Test Questions link from the right sidebar and proceed to take the posttest. (Please note: Pharmacists who take the test from the archived version of the broadcast will not receive a LIVE continuing education certificate.)

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Can I Watch the Live Web Conference at Another Time?

Yes, an archived version of the program will be available immediately after the live event and can be watched at another time using Windows Media Player or Real Player. Alternately, a text version will also become available a few weeks after the live program. Continuing education credits will be available for up to 1 year.

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My Computer Connection Is Slow. I Would Prefer to Participate by Looking at Slides and Reading Text. Can I Do That, Too?

Yes, within a few weeks after the live program, a complete transcript will be available at the same site, and you may then either watch the taped presentation or read the program as text. Both options will lead to an opportunity to take the posttest and receive credits for continuing education.

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How Can I Record the Program to Watch It Another Time?

Unfortunately, the program cannot be recorded by you, but you may watch it by going to our recording (at the same link) at any other time that is convenient for you. The continuing education credits will be available for a full year.

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Where Do I Find the Web Conference After the Live Event?

You can find the program by using the search tool available on any Medscape homepage, or you can type in the Web address of the program on your browser if it is still available to you. After the live program airs, you may also look for archived Web conferences in the CME or CE Center on your specialty site.

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Is There One Place I Can Go on Medscape to Learn About All Upcoming Events?

At the current time, there is no single place on Medscape to view a complete index of upcoming live events. However, if you are a MedPulse newsletter email subscriber, you will a see a notice in the newsletter about upcoming live events. Your specialty site will also include a notice of upcoming events.

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Can I Access Past Live Events?

Yes, past live events can be accessed as long as you have Windows Media Player or Real Player installed on your computer. Continuing education credits are available for 1 full year after the live event.

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How Do I Contact Medscape for Other Questions Related to Continuing Education?

For further information on CME/CE activities or certification, contact Medscape at:

  1.; or
  2. Use our Support Web form.
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