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  • Physicians Make Themselves Heard at the March for ScienceAs both march speakers and participants, physicians expressed concern for public health and research funding but also voiced hope for the beginning of a movement to elevate the role of science in society.
  • Vivek Murthy, MD, Replaced as Surgeon GeneralThe Trump administration asked for his resignation in the middle of his 4-year term. Deputy Surgeon General Sylvia Trent-Adams, RN, PhD, will take over on a temporary basis.
  • What Will the March for Science Mean for Medicine?Participating physicians list support for evidence-based medicine, funding for the National Institutes of Health, and public health vigilance among the issues at stake.
  • Antidepressants in Pregnancy: No Link to Autism, ADHDExtensive research has shown a link between maternal use of antidepressants during pregnancy and autism in the offspring. But is the relationship causal? New studies shed light on confounding factors.
  • One in 10 People Worldwide Have Chronic Kidney DiseaseDetailed information from 125 countries shows widespread gaps in care, and despite 10% of people in the world having kidney disease, many high-income countries report it is not a priority.


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  • Doctors and Marriage: Should You Have a Prenup? Love is powerful, yet marriage always involves some element of risk. Can you protect your finances and your practice in the event of a divorce and still start off a marriage on the right foot?
  • Physicians and Lawyers Disagree Over Tort Reform Physicians and lawyers are at odds; triple amputee collects big damage award; restricting lawsuits to employed doctors.

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