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  • Black Children More Likely to Die From Diabetes Despite a higher prevalence of diabetes in white children compared with black children, black children are significantly more likely to die from acute complications than white or Hispanic children.
  • Guidelines on Psoriasis Comorbidity Screening in Kids Issued The first guidelines on comorbidity screening in children with psoriasis have been published; the recommendations focus on routine screening and early intervention to minimize health complications.
  • APA Cyberbullying Exacerbates Mental Health Issues Adolescents who were cyberbullied had higher scores on depression and anger measures than the nonbullied; cyberbullying was also linked to adverse early life experiences.

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  • Just One Drink a Day Raises Breast Cancer RiskIn the latest report from the AICR/WCRF, exercise was found to be protective against breast cancer while as little as one alcoholic drink per day raised the risk.
  • Brain Stimulation Helps Kick Chronic Knee PainTranscranial direct-current stimulation provides benefit over sham stimulation in reducing pain associated with knee osteoarthritis, randomized results show.
  • Opioid Oversupply Common After SurgeryMost patients have unused opioid pills after treatment of surgical pain, while few report awareness of proper storage or disposal practices.


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  • Is Medicaid Only for Those Who 'Deserve' It?   Congress seems to have a 19th-century attitude about who deserves healthcare, says Art Caplan.
  • Malpractice Dangers in the Patient Handoff Costly malpractice suits occur and patient safety may be compromised when patients are handed off from one physician's care to another. How can you prevent this from happening?


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