This special series of expert commentaries is part of a collaboration between Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Medscape and is designed to provide practicing clinicians with updates and analysis on a range of clinically important topics from specialists affiliated with this world-famous pediatric facility.

Latest Features from CHOP

  • Are We Helping Kids in 'Kinship Care'?   First things first: Ask the identity of the person bringing a child in for care. It might not be the biological parent.
  • Teens With ASD Who Want to Drive: Who Is Ready?   Many teens with autism spectrum disorders want to--and should be allowed to--drive a car. What is the role of healthcare professionals in helping make this decision?
  • Detecting Autism in the Very Young   Juhi Pandey provides clinicians with tips on how to talk with parents who are concerned that their child might have autism.
  • Concussion in Kids: Less-Recognized Visual Changes   Post-concussion, oculomotor and binocular visual issues are more likely to disrupt kids' schooling, says Dr Christina Master.

Offit on Vaccines

  • Paul A. Offit, MDPaul A. Offit, MD, Director, Vaccine Education Center and Attending Physician, Division of Infectious Diseases, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Paul Offit is the co-inventor of the RotaTeq® vaccine, but he receives no financial remuneration for sales of the vaccine from either the manufacturer or his employing institution
  • Fading Immunity May Be Behind Mumps Epidemic   Dr Paul Offit discusses potential weaknesses in the MMR vaccine, and ongoing efforts to address them.
  • If Children Got the HPV4 Vaccine Series, Should They Get HPV9?   Dr Paul Offit explains why those who have completed the HPV4 series should also receive HPV9.
  • The HPV Vaccine and Autoimmunity: Reviewing the Research Paul Offit reviews the evidence to respond to reader concerns about autoimmune conditions and the HPV vaccine.
  • The Rise and Fall of FluMist--Can This Spray Vaccine Be Redeemed?   Paul Offit explains why ACIP withdrew its recommendation to use FluMist preferentially to immunize children against influenza.
  • Should We Bring Back the Whole-Cell Pertussis Vaccine?   Priming with whole-cell and then finishing with acellular pertussis vaccine would better protect children from pertussis, says Paul Offit.
  • Should You Still Administer the HPV-4 Vaccine?   Dr Paul Offit provides advice on using up existing stock of HPV-4 vaccine now that a 'better' HPV-9 vaccine is available.