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  • Persistent Opioid Use High After Hip or Knee Surgery Study of commercial insurance claims found more than 7% of people who use opioids before hip or knee replacement surgery become persistent users in the year after the procedure.
  • AAN Women at 50% Higher Risk for Sports-Related Concussion Female athletes may be at significantly higher risk for concussion than their male counterparts, new research shows. However, the reason behind this phenomenon is unclear.
  • AAN Football Players May Escape Motor Problems Two reports in the same group of former NFL players suggest that plasma total tau may be a biomarker for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, while another finds these players are not yet having motor symptoms.

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  • Women Benefit From Meditation More Than MenMindfulness meditation, a commonly used treatment for a broad spectrum of mental health disorders, shows significantly greater effects in reducing negative thinking patterns in women than men.
  • Women's Health, Access to Care Focus of ACOG 2017The latest maternal mortality numbers and strategies to improve care will be discussed at the upcoming American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) meeting.


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  • School Recess: A Right or a Privilege?   A leading bioethicist argues the importance of school recess as a right and the value to young students' physical and emotional health and well-being.
  • Should Patients Get a Money-Back Guarantee? It's been suggested that health clinics offer rebates to patients who are unhappy with care and amenities, such as office wait times and unappetizing meals. That suggestion infuriates physicians.


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