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  • Prevalence of CTE in Football Players 'Astounding' Postmortem evidence shows the prevalence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in football players is extremely high. The findings suggest these athletes may be at increased risk for long-term neurologic sequelae.
  • Aldosterone Hormone Linked to Alcohol Use, Cravings Novel findings show a link between the steroid hormone aldosterone and a risk for alcohol use disorder, underscoring the role of neuroendocrine mechanisms in alcohol cravings and potential treatments.
  • Medscape Survey: US Physicians' Top Hospital Picks for 2017 Having respected physician expertise, a good reputation among colleagues, availability of leading technology, and low error rates are key factors in doctors' pick of US top hospitals.

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  • First Human Embryo Gene Editing Done in USUntil now, published experiments had been done only by researchers in China. One expert says this is an unsettling "wake-up call."
  • Antiperspirant OK During Radiation TherapyMost clinicians advise breast cancer patients who are undergoing radiation therapy to not use an antiperspirant, but a new study finds no scientific evidence to support this advice.


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