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  • Sun and Skin: What Every Clinician Needs to Know and Share A look at some of the well- and lesser- known facts about sun exposure, sun damage, and skin cancer. Prevention and identification are key.
  • ‘Poppers’ Use Tied to Maculopathy Using “poppers,” which are volatile alkyl nitrite compounds inhaled for their sexual enhancement and psychoactive effects, can be associated with maculopathy, according to a new case series from the U.K.

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  • Exercise May Be ContagiousKnowing how far, fast, and long fellow runners run, as shared on a global social network, can influence individuals' running habits, new research shows.
  • Sepsis Linked to Long-Term Risk for SeizuresInvestigators say their findings 'support the hypothesis that sepsis could be associated with pathways leading to long-lasting brain injury, independent of other structural lesions.'
  • Sleep Studies and VTEs Headline Hospitalists MeetingCurbing interruptions to patient's sleep and a rare look into hospital-associated venous thromboembolism (VTEs) will be among the hot topics at the upcoming Society of Hospital Medicine meeting.


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  • Doctors and Marriage: Should You Have a Prenup? Love is powerful, yet marriage always involves some element of risk. Can you protect your finances and your practice in the event of a divorce and still start off a marriage on the right foot?
  • Physicians and Lawyers Disagree Over Tort Reform Physicians and lawyers are at odds; triple amputee collects big damage award; restricting lawsuits to employed doctors.


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