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  • ASRS Ophthalmologists Worry About Eclipse Viewing The solar eclipse that will be visible in the United States on August 21 could cause solar retinopathy if viewers don't take precautions, specialists warn.
  • ASRS Real-World Anti-VEGF Results Fall Short in Macular Edema Anti-vascular endothelial growth factor treatments do not work as well in the clinic as they do in trials for diabetic macular edema, but they are still effective, researchers say.

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  • Teen Drug Overdose Deaths RisingAfter declining for several years, the rate of deaths due to drug overdose among adolescents aged 15 to 19 years rose by 19% in 2015 and was highest for opioids, specifically heroin.
  • Review Supports Mandatory Testing of Aging PhysiciansSome health systems have started evaluations for those aged at least 70 years. Authors say that, if the medical community doesn't start giving this serious thought, legislatures may start setting the rules.


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  • Retire by 50: How to Manage Your Finances to Retire Early Lots of doctors would like to retire early, but that would be easier said than done for many. Here's how to take a hard look at your finances and see what you need to do.
  • Can Organized Medicine Become Relevant Again? Medical organizations and societies have long played a key role in physicians' lives and healthcare policymaking. Now they're fighting to attract members. How can organized medicine become relevant?


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