• Urgent Adverse Drug Events in Kids Which drug classes are most often associated with adverse events in children? This study provides the answer.
  • Up-and-Coming Medical Researchers An inspiring overview of some of America's emerging and promising young researchers who are charting the course for improved care in a broad range of specialties.
  • Is It Time to Rethink Low Vitamin D as a Contributor to MS? From the 2017 AAN Annual Meeting, Medscape speaks with Dr Annette Langer-Gould about her research questioning the long-believed link between MS and vitamin D deficiency.
  • Culture Eats Strategy: Evidence-Based Practice Evidence-based practice makes sense every way you look at it. So what's stopping nurses and others from adopting this patient care strategy?

Multispecialty News
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Multispecialty Perspectives

  • Cases in Tonsillitis: From the Routine to the Serious Four short cases illustrate the key points of evidence-based diagnosis and management of tonsillitis and related concerns.
  • Hypoglycemia: How Low Is Too Low?   When is 'low' too low? This and other topics in hypoglycemia are discussed, including current ADA definitions, symptom variability, and hypoglycemia awareness and unawareness.

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