San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine

  • Life Before Death: Total Pain and Mental Health   Experts from across the world describe the relationship between emotions and pain.
  • Life Before Death: Pain in China   Chinese cancer and pain specialists discuss the reluctance to use opioids, and the role of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer pain.
  • Life Before Death: Grassroots Palliative Care   In India, palliative care is a community effort that has made enormous progress in allowing citizens to die in comfort and with dignity.
  • Life Before Death: Cancer Pain   'Life Before Death' is a documentary series focusing on palliative care and pain management, highlighting patients and health professionals worldwide.
  • Intravenous Opioid Infusions in Comfort Care   When patients are receiving 'comfort care,' acute symptoms of pain and dyspnea are quickly controlled with IV boluses of opioids. Learn how here.
  • Agitation: Get It Under Control Quickly   What is an agitation ‘code’? Use antipsychotics effectively to get reversible delirium under control quickly. Scott A. Irwin, MD, PhD, of IPM, tells you how to do it.
  • Opioids for Shortness of Breath?   Is it safe to use opioids when a seriously ill patient has dyspnea? What is the right dose? Gary T. Buckholz, MD, explains.
  • Do Antipsychotics Belong in Nursing Homes? Despite good intentions, does a new CMS plan to reduce antipsychotic use in nursing home residents miss the mark?
  • Palliative/Oncology Care: Integrated at Last?   With evidence now supporting the benefits of palliative care in regard to survival, oncologists are embracing palliative care more than ever before, in practice and in the meeting rooms of ASCO®.
  • Is Ketamine a Viable Antidepressant? Despite its potential for abuse and adverse effects, Dr. Scott Irwin makes a case for ketamine in psychiatry.
  • Depression: Treat It Fast When Time Is Short   Dr. Scott Irwin of IPM offers a detailed plan for managing depression when there is not a lot of time left.
  • Diabetes Management in Advanced Illness or End-of-Life A man with lung cancer wonders whether he needs to control his blood sugar or take his medications anymore.
  • Agitation and Constipation in an Elderly Woman A previously pleasant elderly lady is suddenly vulgar and combative, alternating with periods of lethargy. What could be going on?
  • Palliative Care vs Hospice Care: Guidance for Clinicians   Palliative care may be combined with curative interventions or be the sole focus of care. Dr. Scott Irwin clarifies the similarities and differences between hospice and palliative care.
  • Managing Pain: Determining the Right Maintenance Dose   Once severe pain is under control, how can you then find the right maintenance dose to keep this person out of pain? Dr. von Gunten offers practical, clinical advice.
  • Pain Code: Get Pain Under Control Quickly   Charles F. Von Gunten, MD, PhD, offers practical advice on dealing with a pain crisis. Learn how to deal with severe pain quickly.
  • The Complexity of Nausea in Cancer When obvious causes have been ruled out, a careful history can provide the clues to the cancer patient's nausea.
  • Psychiatric Palliative Care: What Is It and Does It Work? What is palliative care psychiatry and is it effective? Dr. Scott Irwin discusses this new concept in psychiatry.
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