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  • Online Clinical Guide for Pediatric Celiac Disease ReleasedAn online celiac disease decision tree consolidates the latest research, guidelines, and expert opinion to help pediatricians interpret data from a variety of sources and provide evidence-based care.
  • Dads' Increasing Role Can Help Lower Kids' Obesity RiskPlaying with their children outside and helping with bathing and dressing may help fight obesity, new research suggests. A father's influence on food decisions did not have the same effect, however.


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  • Why Do Depressed Doctors Suffer in Silence? Doctors suffer from depression for many of the same reasons as the general public. There are also unique factors to their depression. Do doctors seek professional help when they are depressed?
  • Informed Consent May Not Protect You in a Lawsuit Is this 'protection' worth the paper it's written on?; hospital not to blame in patient's possible drug death; a freak accident during surgery leads a woman to sue.


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