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  • Black Children More Likely to Die From DiabetesDespite a higher prevalence of diabetes in white children compared with black children, black children are significantly more likely to die from acute complications than white or Hispanic children.
  • Cyberbullying Exacerbates Mental Health IssuesAdolescents who were cyberbullied had higher scores on depression and anger measures than the nonbullied; cyberbullying was also linked to adverse early life experiences.
  • Disasters Tied to Alcohol Abuse, PTSD in Young VictimsExposure to major disasters has been tied to elevated levels of alcohol abuse and PTSD in youth and underlines the importance of access to mental health services for this population.
  • Diet Drinks Don't Up Calorie Intake, Help Control CravingsNegative press has surrounded diet drinks recently, but new data indicate such beverages don't lead to overeating, which has been a concern. Experts at an obesity conference say they have a role.
  • CHMP Recommends Triple Combo for COPD MaintenanceThe EMA's CHMP has recommended granting marketing authorization for Trimbow, a combination of three inhaled medications, for maintenance treatment of adults with moderate to severe COPD.


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  • Is Medicaid Only for Those Who 'Deserve' It?   Congress seems to have a 19th-century attitude about who deserves healthcare, says Art Caplan.
  • Malpractice Dangers in the Patient Handoff Costly malpractice suits occur and patient safety may be compromised when patients are handed off from one physician's care to another. How can you prevent this from happening?


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