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  • First AAN Guideline on Restless Legs SyndromePrescribing medication is the first-line recommendation for treating RLS symptoms, according to the new practice guideline. But individualized care is even more important, add AAN's committee members.
  • Promising Treatments on the Horizon for NAFLD and NASHEndoscopic magnets, a semisynthetic bile analog, and a receptor agonist in development are offering hope to patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.


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  • Why Tom Price as HHS Chief Could Be Good for Doctors Tort reform? The right to collectively bargain with insurers? An easing of the transition to value-based payments? They're all on Dr Price's agenda. But don't expect miracles overnight.
  • Too Many Doctors Who Sexually Abuse Patients Go Unpunished   Doctors who are alcoholics or drug abusers may deserve a second chance after rehabilitation. But there should be a zero-tolerance policy for doctors who sexually assault patients, an ethicist argues.


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