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  • Post-Cardiac Surgery ICU Usage Rises With Increasing Obesity Increasing rates of obesity among cardiac-surgery patients could affect healthcare resources as such individuals require more intensive care and have longer recovery times than others, say US researchers.
  • COPD: 3.2 Million Deaths Worldwide in 2015 The Global Burden of Disease Study reports that asthma and COPD prevalence and mortality rates have decreased, but actual numbers are rising, thanks to population growth and aging.
  • Key Factors Distinguish Transient Post-Stroke Symptoms Investigators have identified key risk factors, triggers, and clinical features of transient post-stroke recrudescence in findings that may help clinicians distinguish this phenomenon from new stroke symptoms.

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  • CMS to Reduce Audit Burden on PhysiciansNew program aims to 'review and educate' only certain providers who have billed Medicare for particular services; fewer claims will be audited.
  • Thromboembolism Risk Doubled in Cancer PatientsCancer patients are twice as likely as other patients to have an arterial thromboembolic event in the 6 months after diagnosis, although the increased risk disappears at 1 year, say US researchers.


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