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Dr. Robert A. Harrington is an interventional cardiologist and Professor of Medicine and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Stanford University. He was previously the Richard Sean Stack, MD, Distinguished Professor and the Director of the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) at Duke University. His research interests include evaluating antithrombotic therapies to treat acute ischemic heart disease and to minimize the acute complications of percutaneous coronary procedures; studying the mechanism of disease of the acute coronary syndromes; understanding the issue of risk stratification in the care of patients with acute ischemic coronary syndromes; building local, national, and international collaborations for the efficient conduct of innovative clinical research; and trying to better understand and improve upon the methodology of clinical trials.

When not focusing on medicine, Dr. Harrington dreams of being a radio commentator for the Boston Red Sox.

The Bob Harrington Show is a podcast series of thoughtful interviews and discussions on topics at the core of cardiology and the practice of medicine.


Latest Articles by Bob Harrington

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  • Compensation in Cardiology: A 'Sobering' Issue for Women   Drs Harrington and Douglas discuss pay disparities for women in cardiology and the importance of leveling the playing field.
  • Does Getting Paid Have to Be So Complicated? MACRA, MIPS   Like it or not, new payment models are here. The ever-optimistic Bob Harrington interviews Karen Joynt; both see an opportunity for cardiologists to take the lead in developing good-value care.
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  • Cardiology 2015: The Year in Review   Drs Harrington and Gibson give their annual review of the highs and lows in medicine with a focus on cardiology.