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  • COPD: 3.2 Million Deaths Worldwide in 2015 The Global Burden of Disease Study reports that asthma and COPD prevalence and mortality rates have decreased, but actual numbers are rising, thanks to population growth and aging.
  • Scientists Identify Subset of T-Cells at the Root of Allergies Scientists have identified a subset of hyperresponsive immune cells, called TH2A cells, that trigger allergy; results could lead the way to more effective drugs and biomarkers.

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  • Lithium in Drinking Water May Lower Dementia RiskHigher long-term lithium exposure from drinking water may be associated with a lower incidence of dementia, results from a large population-based study suggest.
  • Inflammatory Myopathy Mortality Highest in First YearPatients with newly diagnosed idiopathic inflammatory myopathy had threefold increased mortality, and death risk was highest during the first year after diagnosis, a study found.


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  • Who Needs the Relationship More: Doctors or Patients? A physician interviewed over 120 doctors and asked, who benefits most from the doctor-patient relationship: doctors or patients? There was surprising disagreement about who needs the other more.
  • Should Well-Wishers Urge McCain to Fight His Cancer? Friends and family commonly urge people with cancer to fight, but a commentary suggesting that friends shouldn't encourage Sen. John McCain to fight his cancer drew many opinions from physicians.


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