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  • Cardiac Risk the Same With All Sulfonylureas in DiabetesThere is no difference in cardiac risk between nonspecific, long-acting sulfonylureas and specific, short-acting agents, although the former are more likely to provoke severe hypoglycemia.
  • Do Tattoos Raise the Risk for Cancer?Components of the ink in tattoos migrate from the skin to the lymph nodes, leading to chronic enlargement, but the health risk has yet to be determined.
  • Artificial Sweeteners Alter Gut Response to GlucoseLarge amounts of artificial sweeteners interfere with the gut's response to glucose, increasing both glucose absorption and glycemic response and inhibiting production of GLP-1.
  • 'Food as Medicine' Feasible in Pilot Heart-Failure TrialPilot results of the GOURMET-HF trial show patients discharged after HF hospitalization receiving prepared, DASH-compatible meals had no improvement in quality of life, the primary end point, but there was a trend to reduced rehospitalization.


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  • Should Physicians Educate Patients via Social Media?   More patients are going online to get health information and some of the information on the Internet is not scientific. What can physicians do to educate patients via social media?
  • How Residents Cope: Binging, Drinking, Sports, and Friends Overeating. Drinking. Antidepressants. These are a few of the coping mechanisms residents rely on to get through their stressful residencies. Are there any positive coping strategies?


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