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  • Treating GERD May Reduce Nasal Symptoms In patients with laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) and symptoms of sinonasal disease, treatment with a proton pump inhibitor may reduce LPR and nasal symptoms, a new study suggested.
  • AAAAI Immunotherapy Patch Desensitizes Peanut Allergy The vast majority of allergic patients do not want to eat peanuts, researchers report, but immunotherapy can help protect people if they do, 3-year data from the VIPES extension study show.
  • AAAAI Immunotherapy Showing Promise for Wheat Allergy Thirty percent of people who ate small amounts of wheat protein for 2 years achieved desensitization to the grain in a new oral immunotherapy study.

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  • Relieve Overloaded Physicians by Overhauling Health ITInformation technology in healthcare has been beneficial overall, but the administrative tasks have swamped many physicians, who need new systems, according to the American College of Physicians.
  • Erections Restored With Fat Cells After ProstatectomyAn injection of adipose-derived stem cells is safe for men with erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy, a first-in-human study suggests. However, not everyone is convinced of the benefit.
  • Treat Substance Abuse as Chronic Condition, ACP SaysThe American College of Physicians has issued a new policy statement with recommendations for preventing and treating substance abuse, emphasizing that it is a chronic condition.
  • Testosterone Tie to Cardiovascular Disease LoosenedA study of nearly 7000 patients is easing fears about testosterone replacement therapy increasing the risk for cardiovascular disease and thromboembolic events, but concerns about sleep apnea linger.


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  • Are You Leaving Tax Money on the Table? Are you still working on your tax returns? Here are some important ways to get all of the deductions you deserve.
  • The State Shouldn't Tell Doctors What to Say, Says Ethicist   Dr Art Caplan, bioethicist, discusses physicians' right to talk to their patients about certain topics, including gun safety and the abortion reversal pill, in view of various state legislation.


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