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  • AAP Updates Guidance on Epinephrine Use for Anaphylaxis Two new clinical reports from the AAP provide guidance on dosing and use of autoinjectors in patients with suspected anaphylaxis, as well as on preparation of an allergy action plan.

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  • Steep BP Drop Using 'Quadpill' in Untreated HTN: Pilot StudyThe approach seems novel--likely none of the reduced-dose individual agents alone would pass muster for blood-pressure reduction, experts note. But the study's limitations have raised some eyebrows.
  • Postpartum Depression Affects 1 in 9 New MothersNationwide prevalence has declined, but a CDC study finds wide variation in the rates of postpartum depression among new mothers in different states. The authors call for more screening and therapy.
  • In Sunny LA, Prostate Cancer Patients Just Walk AwayIn a rare real-world study of adherence to active surveillance in Los Angeles, the percentage of men who are lost to follow-up is high, especially among poor patients.
  • AAP Updates Preventive Care GuidelinesPediatric guidelines continue to be brought into harmony with those of other health promotion organizations such as the USPSTF and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Darunavir Linked to Heightened Heart Disease RiskThe early protease inhibitors are known to increase risk for heart attack, stroke, and sudden cardiac death. Now, data from the D:A:D study raise concerns about next-generation drugs.


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  • How to Take a Break From Medicine These three doctors managed to take respites from practice without sacrificing their careers.
  • Are More Physicians Cherry-Picking Patients? As the healthcare system moves toward paying doctors on the basis of outcomes and care budgets, some physicians are thinking twice about which patients they'll accept. Is this ethical? You decide.


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