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  • Blood Donor Age, Sex Do Not Affect Outcomes After AllAfter full adjustment for total number of units transfused, a previously observed association between increased mortality and blood from young, old, and female donors disappeared, a new study showed.
  • Twenty-one Physicians Charged in Kickback SchemeThe physicians had signed up with an ambitious practice management firm that promised new revenue streams from ancillary services, such as dispensing pain cream. Now they've got legal pain.
  • Can Diet Soda Do More Harm Than Good?Artificially sweetened soda may seem like a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened soda, but a new study questions that assumption.
  • Mumps Cases Surge in USMumps is making a comeback. While Texas is experiencing a 20-year high in mumps cases, public health officials report nearly 2,000 cases across 42 states and the District of Columbia since January.

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  • For most, the April 22 March for Science was a chance to demonstrate support for evidence-based science. But doctors present a very public face to their patients and communities, which brings new weight to a decision to participate in politically charged events.

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  • School Recess: A Right or a Privilege?   A leading bioethicist argues the importance of school recess as a right and the value to young students' physical and emotional health and well-being.
  • Should Patients Get a Money-Back Guarantee? It's been suggested that health clinics offer rebates to patients who are unhappy with care and amenities, such as office wait times and unappetizing meals. That suggestion infuriates physicians.

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