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  • Rituximab Biosimilars Shown to Be Safe and EffectiveTwo randomized trials confirm that two new biosimilars that have recently been introduced in Europe are efficacious and comparable to the reference product. Other biosimilars are on the way.
  • First-Episode Psychosis Drug Choice: No Clear WinnerAfter first-episode psychosis, haloperidol should not be used, and the choice among second-generation antipsychotics should be guided by their side effect profile, new research suggests.
  • DEWS II: New Dry Eye Report Updates ResearchThe International Dry Eye Workshop II report from the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society discusses every facet of the disease and the additional research that is still needed.
  • First Human Embryo Gene Editing Done in USUntil now, published experiments had been done only by researchers in China. One expert says this is an unsettling "wake-up call."

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