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  • Why Do Patients With Blood Cancer Die Without Hospice?Hematologic oncologists value palliative care but worry that it doesn't meet their patients' needs, and they won't refer patients with blood cancer if transfusion services aren't provided.
  • Meditation Not All Sweetness and LightIndividuals who practice meditation may have unexpected, challenging, distressing, and even functionally impairing experiences, new research shows.
  • Fitness Trackers Reliable for Heart Rate, Not CaloriesAlthough the majority of devices tested had error rates below 5% for measuring heart rate, their estimates of energy expenditure were off the mark by much more, a Stanford study has found.
  • Cannabidiol Cuts Seizures in Dravet SyndromeThe liquid cannabidiol product Epidiolex reduced seizure frequency by 39% in children with Dravet syndrome in the first randomized controlled trial.

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