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  • Opioid Addiction: 'Alarming' Death Rate in Primary CareOpioid-related deaths have been attributed largely to overdoses. This study shows surprisingly high rates of mortality from medical causes that affect opioid addicts in primary care settings.
  • Teens Most Susceptible to Endocrine Disruption From ChemicalsTeens are a vulnerable subpopulation when it comes to thyroid disruption from environmental chemicals, which can affect cognitive function, bone strength and metabolism, growth rates, and academic performance.

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  • For most, the April 22 March for Science was a chance to demonstrate support for evidence-based science. But doctors present a very public face to their patients and communities, which brings new weight to a decision to participate in politically charged events.

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  • School Recess: A Right or a Privilege?   A leading bioethicist argues the importance of school recess as a right and the value to young students' physical and emotional health and well-being.
  • Should Patients Get a Money-Back Guarantee? It's been suggested that health clinics offer rebates to patients who are unhappy with care and amenities, such as office wait times and unappetizing meals. That suggestion infuriates physicians.

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