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  • Antioxidant in Broccoli May Help Fight DiabetesA study finds broccoli extract containing the antioxidant sulforaphane decreased HbA1c and fasting blood sugar in obese patients with type 2 diabetes taking metformin but who had uncontrolled glycemia.
  • Value of Opioid Antagonists for Withdrawal UncertainCombining an opioid antagonist with an adrenergic agonist is feasible for managing opioid withdrawal, but it's unclear whether this approach is better than an adrenergic agent alone.
  • Lipid Levels Altered in Early PsychosisLipid changes occur early in the development of psychosis, independently of treatment, and should be monitored by clinicians, new research suggests.
  • Probiotics Promising for Mild to Moderate DepressionProbiotics have been shown to significantly reduce symptoms in patients with mild to moderate depression, offering hope of a safe and highly tolerable treatment for the disorder.

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  • The War Over MOC Heats Up In at least 17 states, doctors are battling the American Board of Medical Specialties, hospitals, and insurers in an effort to make maintenance of certification optional. Here's how it's going.
  • A Hospital Gets Sued for Keeping a Patient Alive   Hospital clinicians who don't follow a patient's advance healthcare directive are at risk of being sued.

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