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  • CAC Predicts CVD Risk in Chronic Kidney DiseaseIn a rare look at CAC risk assessment in this special population, the predictive value of more conventional risk factors wasn't nearly as strong. "The calcium score really blows them away."
  • Experts Move to Halt Crisis in US PsychiatryA panel of mental health professionals has developed a broad set of recommendations to address the dwindling number of psychiatrists, a lack of mental health services, and professional burnout.
  • Six Insights: Clinicians Help Cancer Patients Quit SmokingLast year, the National Comprehensive Cancer Center created a set of guidelines for smoking cessation among cancer patients. One of the authors discusses insights that inspire the work of clinicians.
  • New Insomnia Med a Safer Option for Older Adults?The insomnia drug suvorexant appears to be safe and effective in older adults, without some of the risks and side effects commonly associated with of other pharmaceutical agents, new research suggests.

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  • The whirlwind pace of proposed changes to the US healthcare system makes it almost impossible for one person to keep up.  Let us do it for you.

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  • Does the Hippocratic Oath Promote Burnout? Some doctors contend that by honorably swearing to live up to the unattainable ideals of patient care in the Hippocratic Oath, they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.
  • We Want to Know: What's Your Favorite Vacation Destination? It's time to think about your next vacation. Is there a place you would like to recommend that was unforgettable? Or maybe you're thinking of a unique travel destination. We'd like to know.

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